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Six Directions and Trends of Energy-saving Mill Development at the Present Stage

Energy-saving has become the main direction of the development of grinding industry, and various manufacturers have produced energy-saving grinding equipment. The following is a summary of the six major directions and trends of energy-saving grinder development at this stage.
1. Large-scale equipment
With the progress of science and technology and the development of technology, the advantages of large-scale production equipment become more and more obvious. The development of mechanical structure design and manufacturing technology provides a solid technical guarantee for the large-scale grinder equipment. At present, the mill equipment is developing towards large-scale, and the large-scale industrial mill equipment has been widely used in the market.
2. Compact structure
Another development trend of mill equipment is compact structure. The structure design of the equipment is more reasonable, compact, and more in line with ergonomic principles, which reduces the manufacturing cost, reduces the area occupied and improves the grinding efficiency.
3. High-tech processing technology
With the development of the application field of grinding equipment, the traditional mechanical processing methods can not meet the needs of grinding design technology. In the future, the processing technology of grinding equipment will develop towards high-tech direction.
4. Functional diversification
Grinding treatment engineering is a system engineering which includes many units of multi-discipline and multi-category operation. It requires that the selection of mill equipment can reduce the intermediate process, so as to save investment. At the same time, the market demand for products also requires manufacturers to provide a variety of products. This requires the diversification of the functions of mill equipment.
5. Efficiency
With the improvement of people's awareness of energy saving, higher requirements are put forward for the efficiency of grinding equipment. This kind of equipment is required not only to meet the functional requirements, but also to save energy, durable, low cost of use, maintenance, in order to reduce product costs.
6. Control system automation
With the progress of science and technology and the development of automatic control technology, whether to adopt pipeline operation and automatic control has become an important indicator to measure the advanced grinding technology. The automatic control system not only ensures the flow-line operation of production process, but also reduces the labor intensity of operators. More importantly, it can ensure the accuracy of production process and real-time feedback, improve product quality and reduce equipment failure rate.
Mills are attracting more and more attention. Their technology and equipment are developing rapidly and their applications are becoming wider and wider. Its scope has gone beyond the original definition of grinding technology. It should also pay attention to the combination of equipment development and process research, so as to promote the intersection and integration of multiple professions.

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