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Technical Advantages of Raymond Mill Machine

1. Raymond mill machine adopts three-dimensional structure, with small area and strong complete set.

2. The finished powder has a uniform fineness and a filtration rate of 99%, which is difficult for other grinding equipment.

3. The transmission device of the machine adopts closed gear box and belt wheel. The transmission is stable and reliable.

4. The important parts of the Raymond mill machine are all made of high quality steel. The wear-resistant parts are made of high performance wear-resistant materials. The main machine shovel tool holder is always in contact with the material during operation, so the shovel tool holder is composed of two parts above and below.

5. The electrical system adopts centralized control, and the grinding workshop can realize unmanned operation and easy maintenance.

6. The dust pollution is low and noise is low

7. It uses electromagnetic vibration feeder to feed the material evenly, it is easy to adjust, its volume is small, the weight is light, saves oil and electricity, the maintenance is convenient.
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